Little Howard's Big Show for Kids

Little Howard is a computer generated six year old interactive stand up comedian. He's also naughty; in fact, very naughty indeed.This is a boy who tasered Barry Chuckle at the CBeebies Christmas party after all. He is aided, or in Little Howard's view hindered, in his shenanigans by his human sidekick Big Howard.

This show follows the two stars of children's TV as government inspectors clamp down on rubbish performers. Big Howard is accused of being criminally unfunny and has to smarten up his act or risk going to jail. This takes the form of Big Howard inventing ever more desperate and absurd ways to entertain the audience, including a big showbiz number with a monkey orchestra.

This is as much a show for adults as kids and there's plenty to entertain both. A routine about strange brown slugs in the toilet went down particularly well with the oldies, while it was the slapstick elements that raised the biggest laughs among the kids (as do any bits where there's a bit of blood and gore). There is a gallery of supporting animated characters to add colour and the frequent changes of pace and content kept the young - and not so young - audience members engaged for the whole of this hour long show. Although it should be mentioned that the attention of the very smallest audience members did wane a bit; the show is probably best for primary school age children who can fully appreciate the full range of Little Howard's mischief.

But where this show really shines is the sheer feat of timing and technology that makes the relationship between the pair utterly believable. Throw into the mix some utterly unpredictable audience interaction and you can't help marvel at the ease with which the show runs. Throughout the show, there are also charming - and sometimes subliminal - but unashamed plugs of their merchandise. Little Howard cookie cutters anyone?

Thoroughly recommended as a show that will raise laughs from the whole family.

Reviews by Lauren Humphreys

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The Blurb

Big Howard and Little Howard, stars of The Royal Variety and the award-winning Little Howard's Big Question are back with their unique family comedy show. 'One of the best kid's shows' (Scotsman).