Little England
  • West End

A tale of love and hate in Stoke on Trent

Heidi has made her life in England but after losing her job she faces immediate deportation. Will she be captured by the sinister Immigration Office with its unsympathetic officials and vast network of eager informers? Will she find somewhere to hide? Will she even find love amidst the hatred and intolerance of post Brexit Britain.

"The whole play was a true delight" "A must see" "Incredibly funny" "It had me laughing out loud"

"Made me feel like I was watching people's real lives" "Superb acting" They suited their roles perfectly"

- Kat Caunter

"Thought provoking, funny, entertaining and chilling, quite an achievement"

"A brave piece of writing which is saved from being preachy by the level of skill in how each character is written"

"Writer and director Ian Dixon Potter sets up a brilliant three way dynamic"

"The mundane and surreal are paired together brilliantly"

"This is an important play" "Look at what could happen if we don't do something"

"It is provocative in an unusual way" "An extraordinary and surreal piece of work"

- Open Door