LetLuce in Sea Men (A Naval Tale)

Acclaimed double act LetLuce (Lucy Pearman and Letty Butler) offer an entertaining hour of very silly, loosely connected sketches on a nautical theme. We find ourselves in a richly imagined universe of sea creatures and sailors – of Captain Pugwash if conceived by French and Saunders. The plot, such as it matters, concerns a sea captain on a voyage for a hidden potion that will help him forget. He catches and in due course befriends, a fish that, of-course, knows the way.

A satisfying hour that, for the most part, rattles along nicely.

We have our celebrity cameos - Anthony Hopkins narrates over the frequent and speedy costume changes. Lovejoy actor Ian McShane and ex-Boyzone Ronan Keating, make entertaining walk-ons, the later as an hilariously deranged manager of underground sea club ‘Boyz R Us’.

The audience interaction is playful – most of us are happy to help with the props and silly games. Pearman in particular is able to deal with any curveball reaction that the unpredictable crowd springs on her.

Not all the sketches quite work. Visual gags can occasionally go on too long and while it's endearing to watch the women try and make each other laugh, they sometimes find the gags funnier than we do. Ultimately though, their blend of silly original gags, oldie worldie whimsy and contemporary pop culture references make for a satisfying hour that, for the most part, rattles along nicely.  

Reviews by Martin Walker

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The Blurb

Charmingly anarchic breakthrough duo LetLuce were wholly responsible for 2014 word of mouth hit Show Pony. Put your lovely armbands on for an absurdist, magical voyage and more 'excellent surreal mayhem’ (Sunday Times). ‘Skilful, joyful, old-fashioned clowning … the duo are great company ... wonderfully funny’ (Guardian). ‘Oddly delightful, too many moments of total brilliance, completely nonsensical yet an utter delight’ (List). ‘This breakthrough duo take the chaotic whimsy of The Boosh and raise it a notch or two ... stardom beckons’ (Sunday Times). 'Fantastic comedy' (Jennifer Saunders).