Opinions on his show aside, one simply can’t fault Colin Leggo for his sense of humour. After having his toe removed in 2004 he had complications with his leg for a further ten years until he finally had his leg amputated in May of last year. Yet he doesn’t come to the Fringe with a sob sorry, but a comedy.

Leggo pulls off an ending that is genuinely heart-warming.

Of course the majority of Leggoland focuses on Leggo’s (yes that’s his real surname) journey to becoming an amputee. His anecdotes are of course extremely funny, with some having the dual strength of being both told with wit and being so shocking that you can’t help but laugh. You can’t help but think that Leggo must use at least some liberal imagination when it comes to his experiences. But with PowerPoint on hand and evidence in spades, your doubts are shunned, leaving you gobsmacked.

While his amputation makes up the core of show, Leggo is more than happy to move away from the pure autobiographical and delve into other areas. Musical numbers, puns and even short clips comprising what only can be described as a quirky yet hilarious video essay on the history of the name Colin, Leggo is clearly a multi-talented comedian with more up his sleeve than well-told anecdotes.

Yet what’s refreshing about his comedy is that, despite the set being littered with satire, Leggo isn’t afraid to leave on a happy note. With many of the shows at the Fringe sinking into over sentimentality or the purely ridiculous, Leggo pulls off an ending that is genuinely heart-warming.

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The Blurb

Last year comedian Colin became an amputee, making use of his surname Leggo. He now presents his gloriously silly, life affirming show exploring how losing a leg needn't stop you standing up. Colin is also well known for his unique take on Cornish culture through his popular Youtube channel which has received over 700,000 hits. Several of his comic videos have gone viral, including Grand Theft Cornwall, a parody of the well-known game and Cornish Is which featured on the Scott Mills Show, BBC Radio 1. ‘Hilarious’ (Mirror). Nominee Best Debut Show at the Dave Leicester Comedy Festival.