Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher

Leather Lungs, aka Jason Chasland, has something of a following in his home country of New Zealand and with good reason. His four-octave range means that he can hit the notes that other cabaret performers can only dream of and he’s a hilarious and charming presence on stage.

Jason Chasland is easily the next big thing in cabaret.

By sticking almost exclusively to recognizable chart hits and classic torch songs, Chasland is able to immediately show off his spectacular vocal abilities without needing to ease us in gently. We know these songs and we’re able to sing along only to be quickly left behind as his voice rockets up to those seemingly impossible to reach top notes.

But this is cabaret so there’s banter to go along with the tunes and Chasland works the crowd like a seasoned pro. He’s got the cheeky comebacks and double entendres that you’d expect but there’s also a nice line of confessional anecdotes that frame each song and carry the show along nicely. He’s perfectly aware of how fabulous he is and, by the end of his first monologue, we’re all convinced too.

Jason Chasland is easily the next big thing in cabaret and this is an opportunity to say you saw him first. He’s redefining drag cabaret and I say it’s about time.

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The Blurb

International artist, Jason Chasland, hits Adelaide Fringe for the South Australian premiere of his delightfully naughty cabaret, Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher. A master of falsetto and stiletto, this daring deviant crosses with religion, fistfights with sexuality and discos with dildos.Leather Lungs marries savage wit, outrageous innuendo and alien vocal range to drag you screaming with laughter to the ball where devils dance. Be roused into a world of pleasure, amusement and challenge, with an explosion of songs including powerhouse party anthems by The Weather Girls, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner.Fresh from your boyfriend's bed, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and queers to get to this stage and this son of a preacher has broken his shackles.Warning: contains traces of nuts, (p)leather, sequins and Dusty Springfield.