Le Haggis

A perfect balance of circus and ceilidh, this entertaining and talented troupe bring Le Haggis, a show that guarantees to have you clapping along in your seat. With jaw dropping routines and beautifully performed songs, Le Haggis is a show that delivers.

.There isn’t a moment of boredom.

The show spices up the usual material that circus has to offer and doesn't solely revolve around the showcasing of different acts. In fact, Le Haggis offers a variety of talent but it is embedded within the culture of Scotland that incorporates chanting and patriotism. I'm not Scottish, but I felt completely absorbed and captivated by the inspiring music.

The routines are not compromised within this show and it never fails to deliver. Ranging from silk work through to acrobatics, there were moments where my stomach dropped and times where I was too engaged to even applaud. All the circus acts show immense talent and the musicians match this.

Wisely positioned at the back of the stage, live music complements and injects life into the performances and lends itself perfectly to the transitions. There isn’t a moment of boredom and this is further enforced by the leader of the pack, fully dressed in leather attire. His energy is infectious and is maintained solidly throughout.

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The Blurb

Scotland’s sexiest cabaret and circus show is jam-packed with international artists and the hottest local talent like you've never seen them before. Set to a contemporary Scottish soundtrack performed by the finest pop-folk troubadours around. See the Spiegeltent in all its glittering glory for one of the steamiest shows on the Fringe. 'Beautiful and spellbinding – highly sexual but never tawdry... Phenomenal physical strength, artistic agility and seductive sensuality’ (BBC Scotland). ‘Provocative acrobatics performed to inspired musical folk arrangements.’ **** (List).