Laughing Stock

Laughing Stock are a sketch comedy foursome who incorporate live music, dance and mime to create a narrative-driven show with hysterical characters and a quick, witty script. Despite a few misses in the show, the sketches are, for the most part side-splittingly good.

A riotous hour of high-octane comedy, clever and silly in equal measure and performed by a supremely talented cast.

The show’s both strength and weakness is the mimes. All of the cast are brilliant physical comedians and employ the mimes well, however, there is one entirely mimed three-part sketch which falls flat and which seems almost joke-less until the very end. Despite this, the rest of the show is incredibly good, filled with clever one-liners, spot-on characterisation and an energy that is infectious. The cast have an incredibly ability to create faultlessly accurate sound effects for every mime using just a microphone. From sketches about all manner of subjects, from cowboys to Jane Austen, caravans to Magic Mike, there is something for everyone.

It’s incredibly satisfying to find a sketch troupe where all are equally talented and work in such harmony. Each cast member shines through in their own way and bring something hilarious to the show. Despite the small stage, the show is set smartly, making use of microphones at the back of the stage to avoid over-crowding of the space. The whole show is quick, neat and well-directed, the only problem being mimes on the floor, which are difficult to see without tiered seating. The clever interweaving of all the supposedly unrelated sketches at the end is clever and satisfying, although placing a major reliance of this interconnectivity on the previously mentioned mime sketch seems ill-advised.

Laughing Stock is a riotous hour of high-octane comedy, clever and silly in equal measure and performed by a supremely talented cast. 

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The Blurb

Laughing Stock is a character-based and narrative-driven sketch comedy foursome. Sketches are interwoven within a rich tapestry of music, dance, mime and song in order to tell detailed and intricate tales of irreverence and irregularity. Expect reality to rub shoulders with absurdity and for everyday observations to be stretched to breaking point. 'Perhaps the best sketch show at the Fringe' ( 'One of the best sketch comedy shows I have ever seen' ( ***** (, **** (Express,,, Winner: SketchFest 2015 Audience Choice Award.