Laughing Stock

A varied sketch comedy, Laughing Stock lives up to its name, parading numerous situations of self-deprecation before us providing much hilarity. It is a four-handed troupe of exceptionally talented comic-actors.

Non-stop, fast paced fun for a huge spectrum of tastes.

Lewis Doherty is an assured performer who provides occasional very well-delivered and balanced beatbox backing for the group. His stand out character, ‘MC Cheddar’, provides a mine of comic gold to be used by the group.

Phoebe Higson gives such eloquently charming comic jabs into the action she is a pleasure to watch and raises the energy of the show in a delightful manner. Her physical beauty means the self-depreciation is all the funnier – she is wonderfully humble while having us in stitches.

Arabella Gibbins is a comedy hit, talented at guitar but blessed with a level of comic aplomb disguised as nerdish innocence that means she is a huge contribution to the group. She is an excellent comic.

Rhys Bevan is the final member of the troupe who brings such a reserved charm and innocent cheekiness we cannot help but be swept of our feet with his expertly produced facial expressions. He has a twinkle in his eye which keeps the audience at his command, and we are grateful for it.

As a whole, this show rarely misses a step. The action is at an excellent pace, often an astonishing speed but with welcome pauses and softer moments. There is the occasional sketch which isn’t to everyone’s taste, but these are few and far between. The audience is often in stitches, and even the forays into darker humour have everyone enjoying the fun.

Laughing Stock is hilarious, providing non-stop, fast paced fun for a huge spectrum of tastes. It is absolutely one of the best comedy sketch shows I have ever seen on the fringe, and I would totally recommend this show.

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The Blurb

Irreverent. Irrelevant. Elephant. Last year, Laughing Stock were a brand new sketch comedy foursome. Now, they're back to improve upon their five-star debut. Winners of the SketchFest 2015 Audience Choice Award, finalists at Sketch Club 2015, Sketch Off 2016 and official selection at the SketchFest and CoFilmic Sketch Screen Awards – expect another 'fast and furious hour of fun' (Sunday Express) as they present their 'wonderfully observed, impeccably paced and hilariously delivered' ( take on the strange and wonderful world around them. ***** ( **** (Sunday Express,,