Language of Angels

This assured production of American playwright Naomi Iizuka’s work, written in 2000, is presented by drama students from Pepperdine University in California. The piece revolves around the tragic disappearance of a teenage girl in the cave country of North Carolina, and the devastating effect of this tragedy on her close friendship group. The cast evokes the eerie atmosphere of the deadly caves with ghostly whispers, hauntingly beautiful singing, and poignant monologues that build up a moving, multi-layered story of grief and lost innocence.The production succeeds in creating a genuinely chilling atmosphere and immerses the audience in their tale, which mixes supernatural aspects – ghosts and curses – with the modern realities of living in rural poverty. Brooke Lowry stands out as the troubled, otherworldly Celie, and Bethanie Russell puts in a strident performance as Danielle. But there are no weak links in this ensemble cast, who are each given a chance to shine with individual addresses to the audience. The well-judged sound, lighting, and set design complement the acting without distracting from it, and help to create the unsettling atmosphere. Overall, this is a polished and emotionally affecting production of a complex and thought-provoking modern play.

The Blurb

Haunted by the memory of a vanished young girl, a circle of friends wrestle with their own humanity and despair. Naomi Iizuka's eerie ghost story blurs the edges between reality and the shadows of the past.