Lamb Chops

Now in their second year at the Brighton Fringe, Lamb Comedy Productions present an evening of selected highlights, delivered by acts from across their programme. A pick ‘n’ mix selection is a great way to taste a variety of acts without going the whole hog or should that be lamb? Yet, by its very nature, it is unlikely to please everyone all of the time. With a plethora of awards and prizes associated with this evening’s bill – would they deliver on their promise?

a perfect introduction to the varied and talented comedy performances to be seen at Lamb this Fringe

The evening began with host Dave Fensome, one of the Mummy, I Don’t Like Those Men trio, playing for time as he awaited the final audience members of this sell-out show to arrive. This included a stag party complete with their very own bridal themed groom, which precariously threatened to dominate proceedings. However, employing some tough love, Fensome tactfully incorporated them into the evening, choosing the groom to be the epicentre of applause for the acts.

In the first half was Richard Perry of 110% X-Treem Total Adrenaline), with a muted stage presence that downplayed some of his funniest lines. In contrast, was super confident Joe Foster, Joe Foster’s Best Summer Ever, presenting his amiable take on unemployment – eating Quavers on a mattress has never seemed so amusingly poignant. Bringing a welcome deviation from traditional stand-up was Jane Postlethwaite of Jane Postlethwaite: Made in Cumbria who introduced Joy Hope, a sharp tongued, downbeat children’s author and illustrator of such bestsellers as Asbestos Squirrel. Dave Bailey from Dave Bailey: Beige Against the Machine, may claim not to be cool but his composed and laid-back approach suggested otherwise. His amusing observations of everyday life drew knowing chuckles. After all, how many Ramones t-shirt wearers really can name any of their songs?

After a short break, the evening continued with Luke Stephen of Luke Stephen: Commit No Nuisance and his bawdy set pieces about bad luck and attempted seductions that played more into the stag party’s sensibilities. Star of the night was Ignacio Lopez, whose relevant and perceptive remarks about the complexities of being half Spanish and half Welsh filled the room with tides of laughter. After promising that his show Ignacio Lopez’s Greatest Hits was full of his very best material, this is certainly an act not to be missed.

Also exploring her diverse heritage was Athena Kugblenu who will perform her piece Athena Kugblenu: Reality Check, later in the Fringe. Her engaging and assured presentation charmed the audience with stories of wet perms and searching for African food in Tesco and her disappointment when she was only to find Reggae Reggae Sauce. Rounding off the evening was Sheraz Yousaf with extracts from his show Sheraz Yousaf: The Pursuit of Manlyness, an exploration into what it means to be a modern man. After being slightly distracted by the stag in the dress, Yousaf contrasted his gentle nature with an alpha male act he put on when asked to be the tough guy.

These 10 minute “cutlets” are never kind to acts who rely more upon narrative humour than fast paced one liners but there were many laughs to be had and the evening was a perfect introduction to the varied and talented comedy performances to be seen at Lamb this Fringe.

Reviews by Elanor Parker

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Confused about which comedy show to see? We can help. Join Lamb for the Ultimate Launch Party, and for our post-roast Bank Holiday Show. Come to Lamb Chops to devour cutlets of comedy acts from venues across Brighton Fringe to find your favourite.