Lady Rizo: Multiplied

“Sleep deprivation is the new LSD” says Lady Rizo, after explaining how she’s gone from “smoky eye” make up to “sleepy eye” in a short 18 months. She’s here tonight, in front of a star-spangled backdrop, to prove that you can continue being a world-class cabaret rockstar whilst having a nine month old baby. And boy, does she prove it.

The hark back to sheer humanity we need in these unsure times.

An effortless performer with a stellar voice that lasts an eternity (in a good way), Rizo owns her stage and space from the get-go. Complete with baroque-style cello, updated with the use of loop pedals and electric guitars by her accompanist Yair Evnine, there are John Lennon covers and new soon-to-be-released originals from the pair.

It would be easy for Rizo to come across as a total diva, but moments of comedy and wistful insight between songs make the perfect balance. Outstanding use of costumes and props border on hilarious, complete with her trademark interview with an audience member during a mid-show costume change, and a huge sheet of fabric being sent over the audience to connect us all in a womb-like shelter.

With a surprise cameo that’ll make you want to cry and call your mum to tell her how much you love her, Lady Rizo: Multiplied is the hark back to sheer humanity we need in these unsure times. “Baby giggles are better than any drug I’ve ever tried” is the outstanding moral of the show. Motherly love conquers all. Highly recommended for fans of Amanda Palmer and Meow Meow, and anyone who has a mum.

Reviews by Laurie Black

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The Blurb

New York City's iconoclastic, multi award-winning cabaret superstar returns – with child. Backed by a choice trio, Rizo rips apart carefully chosen pop songs and her own stirring originals. An entertainment machine even at eight months post-partum, her soulful vocals and titillating humour will leave you breathless in her gloved palm. Just don't inhale the baby powder! 'A powerhouse set of pipes and personality galore' ***** (Times). 'If you only see one cabaret show this year, see Lady Rizo... soulful, uproarious, slightly scary and utterly irresistible' ***** (Time Out).