Lady Garden

In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death.[Sam Llewelyn]Me oh my!Lady Garden are quite a talented bunch, really.Presently playing at the Little Marlborough Theatre, this comedy troupe is certainly worth a dig. With sketches reminiscent of “Smack the Pony” and “Not the Nine O Clock News,” their performance is an energetic and excitable one, with the humorous theme changing from vulgarity to social commentary. This is not comedy for the faint hearted, and I was on several occasions thoroughly scared by the references to female anatomy at this show, so much so that for the rest of the review I’ll pretend lady-garden is really something sweet and floral.Particularly prominent sketches include one involving a bitter yoga teacher and her perturbed pupils, and the unpleasant techniques of a persistent charity worker. However a longer sketch about a deluded Health adviser called Bev showed a lot of depth. Enough maybe, for an expansion of this character in different settings? Perhaps this is not the aim of the land girls of “Lady Garden!” But with their youthful promise (said he patronisingly, all of 23) one cannot help but consider how they would take things further. Indeed, a few skits had endings that were a tad predictable or too reminiscent of other shows. But...meh. The soil holding “Lady Garden” in place is both fertile and solid. So there.

The Blurb

Sketch act Lady Garden are back with their critically-acclaimed show, including tasteless tourism and beat-boxing bridesmaids. “Big stars of the future” - Time Out.