Lachlan Werner: Belly Talk (A Language of Love)
  • Brighton Fringe

'Venter'-To speak. 'Loqui'-The stomach.... Lachlan Werner (satirical comic/ventriloquist) is put through his paces in a theatrical ventriloquial revue which challenges the comedic and nonsensical demons of love. Starring Werner's infamous, subversive creations, including the Stratford-born psychic celebrity (and ego-maniac), Brew the Witch, this show will transport unsuspecting audiences to strange and disquieting places; from the dust-laden desert of Alabama to the lurking perils in the depths of a ventriloquist's stomach, to observe many hysterical manifestations of love in all forms. In a one hour spectacle of iconoclastic chaos, Werner, accompanied by two puckish additional actors, will transform audience members into essential characters (a politically correct heckler and a deceased World War Two veteran, to name but two) and supply a 'good-old-giggle' that will stay in audiences hearts (and bellies).