La Meute (The Wolf Pack)

There could not be a more accurate term for these six raucous acrobats than a wild wolf pack. Clad solely in white linen towels, scuffling on the floor one moment and moving in perfect harmony the next, this is a show where brother stands side-by-side – and sometimes on shoulder – with brother to create an hour of daredevil entertainment.

This is not solely an hour of tricks; the use of assorted props and set-pieces brings a strong sense of play to the stage.

With a single clean chord from one of the guitars onstage, La Meute springs fully into life; using eclectic live rhythms and haunting vocals, combined with hypnotic French Swing circus skills, the ensemble work as one to construct a playground around them where anything is possible. Throughout the performance their style evokes a delicate balance between the playful and the sombre, where tense pauses are expertly crafted to find joy in their release.

The use of the Russian Swing, a moveable set-piece that can be lifted, tipped and turned upside down, is truly outstanding, provoking sharp intakes of breath as the heavy seat skims past bare bodies at breakneck speed. This is not solely an hour of tricks; the use of assorted props and set-pieces brings a strong sense of play to the stage, whether the ensemble are tying each other to wooden posts or burying themselves inside a mattress.

It is excellent to see how much humour can be brought into the piece solely through comic timing and knowing looks to the audience; what surprised me slightly was the number of stunts centred around their more private areas – let’s say that every man in the audience was wincing at several points throughout the performance – which felt quite crude at times. Yet this does not detract from the jaw-dropping acrobatics featured, which are undoubtedly the highlight of the show.

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The Blurb

Hunt with a joyful pack of six daredevils as they astonish with the rarely-seen spectacular circus skill of Russian Swing. A catch-your-breath hour of madcap humour and beyond belief stunts. This towel-wearing team of astonishing acrobats dice with danger, human catapulting themselves high into the air from a giant metal swing, and dodging items onstage with alarming dexterity. Take a walk on the wild side with the joyful La Meute, where six playful performers test each other to see how far they can go... 'Young, sexy, scruffy and risk-taking comic acrobats' **** (Times).