Korean Breath

Bringing jazz and Korean traditions together, SE:UM have found the perfect recipe in their atmospheric show Korean Breath. Modestly done, the artistry of the instruments playing is astounding; from saxophone to traditional stringed instrument gayageum, these musicians know how to manipulate the audience's emotions.

All the emotions felt are raw and direct from the music.

Transitioning between the slow and peaceful thrum of the contrabass to the eruptive trumpet and drum is seamless, as is the emotional attachment to each song. The gayageum makes SE:UM's music stand out, for its harmonious rhythm merges perfectly with the jazz beats. Melodic trances induce imagery of walking through the corridors of the past to then be met around the corner by a battleground between trumpet and saxophone. It's genuinely exciting! Someone in the crowd gasped – and it was respectfully acknowledged with a nod from the saxophonist.

Not here to entertain with over-the-top solos or dance moves, SE:UM focus their attention equally between each musician. When an instrument is not being used in a song, the musician will calmly and respectfully walk off the stage, so as to allow full view and impact for the audience. There's no distraction from a sundry foot tapping or head nodding from the vacant-handed player, thus there is no influence of feeling or emotion from band to audience. All the emotions felt are raw and direct from the music.

Remember to take £10 along on the day to buy one of their CDs at the end. It was a big regret of mine not buying one: they're not that easy to find on the Internet and it would have been nice to share this fusion of music with friends.

Reviews by Lydia Nowak

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The Blurb

The arrival of this Korean trance-fusion presents a stunning musical experience like you’ve never heard before! SE:UM continue the traditions of ethnic Korean music, but are also aware they are living in the 21st century, as they immerse themselves in modern music. Traditional sounds are mixed with jazz, folk, and freeform style to create an entirely new and exciting fusion. With its auditory and visual spectacle, this exotic experience has received increasing acclaim from audiences worldwide. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness one of Korea's top fusion bands.