Künt and the Gang is undeniably shocking, offensive and infantile. However, no one would go to see ‘Künt’ unless they were already up for this kind of humour. If this is what you like, this show will have you in hysterics.

I found myself in an audience who were singing along to every song, attesting to the fact that his fans are loyal and love these songs. All the songs are unbelievably catchy, and it is frustrating to find yourself singing these distasteful lyrics for days to come. Songs such as ‘Bangers and Mash’ and ‘Wank Fantasy’, coupled with his distinctively bad dance moves are unforgettable and he manages to sing them in a delightfully cheery way whilst saying more than a few shocking things. Occasionally, he does go over the line - ‘Jimmy Saville and the Sexy Kids’ feels too much, but he always prefaces or ends each song with a small disclaimer, often seeming embarrassed at some of the things he’s sung. This makes him all the more likeable, and adds to his pleasant, bashful demeanour.

Some of the more shocking numbers, such as ‘Let’s Send Nan To Dignitas’ and ‘Wanking Over A Pornographic Polaroid of an Ex-Girlfriend Who Died’ prove that Künt can make catchy songs and rhymes out of song titles that seem more than a mouthful, but also that he can touch upon subjects which no one else would really want to. Despite the subject matter, you find yourself rooting for him all the way and even empathising with some of the worst parts. You may not want to, but it really is impossible not to laugh and sing throughout this outrageous set of songs. Just make sure that if you have a problem with calling him ‘Künt’ you don’t go see this show.

Reviews by Carys Evans

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Künt and the Gang return with a mix of new and old f*cked up comedy songs. Not for the easily offended. Sell-out 2009-2012. ‘...life-affirmingly puerile stuff’ (Charlie Brooker, Guardian ). www.katg.co.uk