Knightmare Live: The Game Has Changed

For many like me Knightmare was watched with a religious fever back in the 90s. The theme tune still has the power to instil a giddy excitement in many. So, it is with a sense of trepidation and excitement the fans would hold for a live production of the programme. Too close to the source material would likely not compare well to the hundred something episodes that already exist, stray too far and you’ll disappoint the fanbase. Thankfully Knightmare : The Game has Changed walks straight down the middle and provides a thoroughly entertaining show.

Perfectly pitched for fans and newcomers alike.

Set in a high fantasy dungeon members of the audience are challenged with completing as many rooms as they can, while being blinded with a helmet. They are guided by two guests who try and help them navigate the adventure. It’s part improvised comedy, part live action roleplay.

Paul Flannery is a brilliant Treguard. His easy going nature coupled with a natural improvisational nature sets the pace for the show. He’s joined by a brilliant cast of performers and they have a synergy that lots of improv comedians would kill for. There is a clear love of the source material but they are not above a well observed pastiche.

The are some fairly impressive props that do a good job of recreating the rooms that existed in the show and I’ve scarcely seen people get excited by large foam blades before. It does a great job of sucking you into the drama and you’ll be shouting or whooping at every suess of failure.

Remakes and reboots of 90s nostalgia are all the rage at the moment and most fail because they don’t understand the fanbase. Knightmare Live is perfectly pitched for fans and newcomers alike.

Reviews by James W. Woe

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The Blurb

Enter, stranger! Knightmare Live is back, and offers you the chance to wear the iconic helmet of justice and play the dungeon. For 2016 the game has changed. Every show is different, every room holds a new challenge. Fancy your chances, watchers of illusion? Visit to seek your quest. The critically acclaimed comedy stage adaption of the cult TV classic is now bigger and better than ever. Multiple contestants will be able to take part in an entirely improvised adventure against Lord Fear or one of the other agents of evil.