Kiss Me Honey, Honey!

Long term residents of the Kings Theatre Edinburgh pantomime Andy Gray and Grant Stott leave pantoland behind and come to the fringe with a brand new play from Philip Meeks, creator of last years smash hit Murder Marple and Me.

Andy and Grant playing the roles of Ross and Graham tell the story of two men searching for the lady of their dreams and overcoming the struggles of the personal lives which have lead them to meeting in the first place. Playing both male parts and all the female parts with great comic timing Kiss Me Honey Honey is a true jewel in the crown of the Gilded Balloon.

The simple design of the stage and the sharp lighting allows the story to be told clearly and is never confusing despite the volley of characters both must play. Sam Kane’s excellent direction allows both Andy and Grant to embrace their roles with gusto and imbue them with such sense of reality that we all recognise the characters from our own lives.

Grant Stott whilst not particularly well known in the acting field (aside from panto baddies) really delivers the goods as a somewhat simple man with a simple view of the world given he never emotionally let go of his mother until her passing away forced him too. Portraying a man who feels he has lost everything, Stott’s ability to get across Graham’s emotional message is excellent.

Andy Gray however delivers a masterclass in comic acting, something we have come to expect from this legendary performer of the Scottish theatrical scene, as particularly showcased during the scene in which he plays five characters using just a change of hat or a wig to aid him. This is nothing short of perfection in comedic timing.

What makes the show really work is the clear bond between the actors, which seems to exist both on and offstage, allowing them to completely trust each other. Using a script which is fresh, witty and charming allows the pair to engage the audience from the moment they appear walking down the aisle. This production really shows the actors have more strings to their bow than pantomime and can show the world a thing or two about working a wonderful script to perfection.

There are gales of laughter from the sold out audience, suggesting just how popular this show already is. This is going to be the big show of the Gilded Balloon fringe season and is bound to pick up many nominations for awards. Don't miss out!

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Two men of a certain age form a friendship through a shared love of Shirley Bassey. Together they begin to search for the women of their dreams. Starring Andy Gray and Grant Stott.