Kieran Boyd: Egg

For Kieran Boyd, an egg is a positive symbol associated with birth, generation and growth. With a career in stand-up still in its infancy, Kieran has much to celebrate as he continues to find a distinctive voice in comedy. He is confident throughout his act, with an endearing boyishness that offers a fun insight into his life as a peculiar millennial.

These are predictable materials, yet they seldom fail to entertain

The show relies heavily on observational comedy, with familiar subjects ranging from the social etiquette of holding doors open for other people, to the intriguing aspects of working from home as a ‘lazy’ twenty-nine year old. These are predictable materials, yet they seldom fail to entertain.

His segment on the different accents around the world, however, is less successful the longer it goes on, with original insight harder to make in an already well-toiled field. Moreover, his assessments of other cultures – from German aloofness to his grandfather’s appraisals of Shanghai – hinges too much on uncomfortable stereotypes. Otherwise, there is quality in his delivery, always done in an engaging manner with mostly well-timed segues between topics.

Kieran is best when he draws upon real experiences, where his act is most original and his audience can better relate. We remember his preference for heavy metal, his phobia against the sight of blood and the funny anecdotes that come along with it. Kieran is finely-tuned to his audience’s reactions and demonstrates an ability to adapt accordingly. Ultimately, Kieran delivers an enjoyable hour of stand-up, but it is also a show which could benefit from more investment in individuality.

Reviews by Timothy Leonine Tsang


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Kieran presents his debut stand-up show about how we all say and do really quite weird things and it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on them. He likes heavy metal and grammar, so this will be wild, but also correct. He’s the one who played all the girl parts in Fringe sketch veterans WitTank. ‘Impressively funny…Terrific material’ (Scotsman). ‘Genuinely funny…very talented comedian’ **** (Threeweeks). Praise for WitTank: ‘Masterful’ (Sunday Times). ‘Excellent, inspired and resolutely daft’ (Independent). Star of Live at the Electric (BBC Three) and Sketchorama (BBC Radio 4).