Kids Do Forth on the Fringe

This show offers a wide variety of acts that are sure to excite and amuse all the family. With performers ranging from theatre to slapstick to stand-up to literature, this was a jam-packed show with plenty of scope.

The host was In Demand’s Romeo, who wasn’t particularly charismatic but knew exactly what to say to get the kids shouting and chanting. Similarly, the acts on this particular day were engaging and tailored their acts to suit children, despite not all of them being for kids. For example, I saw the Lords of Strut and Gamarjobat perform very skilled sets that managed to cater to both kids’ and parents’ tastes, working the crowd expertly. Their use of slapstick and physical comedy was perfect for the tone, and both acts were some of the best at getting the kids and parents involved.

Some of the acts, however, were a little more hit and miss. My Brother the Robot was a welcome change - providing some drama for the bill, but Stuart Reid’s literary offering of Gorgeous George’s ‘Zigzag Zit-Faced Zombies and the Giant Geriatric Generator’ didn’t manage to excite the audience. His approach was slightly too brash and chaotic, which is a shame as I’m sure the books themselves would be highly enjoyable. One of the best acts was Big Howard & Little Howard, providing live animated stand-up from Little Howard, and some hilarious slapstick from Big Howard. The kids were howling in their seats.

Other acts that have performed on the show include magicians Morgan & West and The Amazing Bubble Man - proving that this showcase, even if it cannot necessarily be consistently entertaining, will certainly display a wide variety of acts to interest children and parents alike.

Reviews by Carys Evans

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Showcasing an afternoon of some of the best names in children's entertainment at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Suitable for all the family. For more info and line-up: