Kevin Eldon and Some Colleagues

May 17th is World Neurofibromatosis awareness day and what better way to raise awareness and funds than two hours of top quality comedy. Christian Talbot, who describes himself as ‘Ireland’s OCD cuddly teddy bear’, is our amiable host for the afternoon. He is warm and likeable and his jokes make us smile rather than having us rolling in the aisles but it doesn’t really matter as everyone is here for the main attraction; the unfeasible talent that is comedy legend Kevin Eldon.

What better way to raise awareness and funds than two hours of top quality comedy.

Oddly Eldon is the final act in the first half rather than the closing headline act but his support comics in both halves are good enough to make sure the audience come back for the second half.

The show is opened by funnyman Benny Boot, who does get the audience chuckling but doesn’t quite have enough material to fill his slot. Next up is Canadian Pete Johansson, who is slick, has great delivery and knows how to tell a great comic story. Then in a burst of highly energetic absurdism rubber faced Eldon bounds on to the stage with an over exaggerated French accent and his guitar. Although I’ve heard most of his set before it still has me and the rest of the audience howling with laughter. He delivers his set effortlessly and has earned his place working alongside comedy greats such as Stewart Lee and Chris Morris. He sings a couple of songs ‘I haven’t got a catchphrase’ and ‘My CD’s Jump’ proving he’s a talented all round performer. His act is a masterclass in performance.

The second half opens with Irish comic Colin Chadwick who is followed by the excellent John Kearns. Kearns won the Fosters Comedy Award for best newcomer last year at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and this award was clearly deserved. Kearns enters the stage in false buck teeth and a crazy wig and tells no jokes. He is a unique act and the silences are as funny as the eccentric storytelling.

The final act is Ed Aczel. He’s an unexpected jewel in today’s top class gig. With his deadpan delivery and questions to the audience which include ‘ Has anyone had an ear infection?’ and ‘Who’s been to B & Q lately?’ he’s not your typical stand up. According to his website he’s a project manager for a marketing company in Aylesbury who has been dabbling with comedy in his spare time. Judging by the audience’s reaction today he should give up the project management and concentrate on the comedy.

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The Blurb

Ireland's OCD cuddly teddy bear, Christian Talbot, hosts an afternoon of stand-up comedy in aid of The Neuro Foundation ( featuring comedy legend Kevin Eldon in a rare live performance. PLUS: 2013 Edinburgh Comedy Best Newcomer John Kearns / Award-winning anti-comedian Edward Aczel / Critic's choice Pete Johansson / Comedian's comedian Benny Boot and a very special guest - check Facebook event page for announcements. Photo courtesy of Idil Sukan/Draw HQ.