Kemptown Carnival: The Resonators + Barnacles Ensemble & Guests

A quick Google search defines the word resonator as something that “produces a deep, full, reverberating sound.” This certainly chimes with the performance given by The Resonators at this year's Brighton Fringe.

Resonators put on a colourful diverse performance that will get everyone moving.

Trumpet, saxophone, bass, drums, keys and voice bounced off each other to create a night of psychedelic bass, groovin’ jazz and high energy, turning Spiegeltent into a festival within a festival.

The Barnacles opened the night with their brass lead explosion, setting the scene with reggae and jazzy vibes to loosen the excitable crowd. Gradually spectators took to the dance floor and began swaying to the soulful sounds that were filling the room.

After an outstanding, skillful opening act, the stage was set for the Resonators. While the instruments were warming up, the the excitement in the room was intense. It reached its climax when the two lead singers, Kassia Zermon and Faye Houston, sprung onto the stage with their microphones, swinging and singing to the sounds from their musical peers. The crowd cried out, cheering and jumping to show their support for the nine piece reggae/dub group. Soon it was difficult to get to the front as vibrations from the stage were reverberating through the Spiegeltent, luring more and more people in.

As the bass got heavier, the crowd went from swaying their hips to heavy skanking. It was impossible to stand still. Everyone was moving to the beat and mimicking the movement of the musicians on stage who were fully immersed in the groove of their own performance. During moments of the gig everyone was moving in sync to the beat, creating a very unified and connected experience.

The vocals were full of soul and totally filled the room, resonating through everyone's ears, minds and bodies. Both singers had distinctive voices that worked so well together to create positive heavy vibes and exquisite, soulful melodies. At one point it seemed there was another vocalist adding more of a bass sound to the performance, but instead it was Kassia Zermon showcasing her extraordinary range.

You might think that loud brass and loud voices might be a little too much, but no, with this combination, you couldn’t get enough. With a cold beer in one hand and the other swinging to the music, everyone was throwing themselves into The Resonators infectious rhythms.

With a couple of EPs to be released in 2018 and a plethora of new and old songs, Resonators put on a colourful diverse performance that will get everyone moving. They succeed first and foremost because the band stays true to what their name promises.

You can still catch them while they are touring the UK this summer.

Reviews by Katharine Hay

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The Blurb

Join us for a night of deep psychedelic bass and high energy from the mighty nine-piece dub/reggae phenomenon, The Resonators. Positive vibes, infectious grooves and exquisite, soulful melodies. Taking us through the night, reggae legend Roots Garden will be spinning tunes to feed the heart and soul. More special guests to be announced. The acts on this dub-heavy night are helping to raise funds for the much loved Kemptown Carnival - Brighton's longest running free, community, street-arts festival. For more info please go to our website: