KelFi & FiKel

KelFi and FiKel pack a punch with their no nonsense, no holds barred, in your face musical cabaret stuffed with smut and salacious comedy.

This show is not for the faint of heart. If all the swear words you’ve ever heard plus a few new ones got together, donned a wig, and sung while inappropriately groping each other the spectacle would begin to approach this production.

This Australian duo, who’ve clearly known each other for a little too long, specialize in taking something right and making it perfectly wrong. And you have to laugh, partly out of shock, partly out of respect and partly out of fear for what’s next.

This performance is a riot of show tunes, interspersed with sketches of many weird and wonderful characters, including an awkwardly naïve pair of tourists from rural Australia, a not-entirely-right home schooled child and his militantly mad mother, talent show contestants, some perverse Australian animals and more. When the two donned nuns’ habits the audience gripped their seats accurately prophesying the unholy treatment these religious figures were about to undertake. This pair is not short on range; a multitude of silly accents and extraordinary facial expressions crowd the performance.

The pair have lungs like trumpets and pitch perfect delivery. There are some extraordinarily well developed and original caricatures amongst their musical numbers. I found myself hanging on for dear life to the wildly erratic and fast paced plot. The show is an orgy of absurdism, filth and glamour and delivered with enough energy to knock over the seats in a stadium.

This pair pole-vault over boundaries and just keep on going. And some people, like this prudish reviewer, try as they might, can’t find scenes mimicking domestic violence or the word slut being yelled loudly and repeatedly funny. And they can see that they’re clearly missing out because the rest of the audience is having the best of times. For what they do, KelFi and FiKel are great at doing it.

If you’re after a night of furiously debauched and surreal musical entertainment Kelfi and Fikel are for you.

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

This twisted musical comedy duo bring their hilariously questionable taste to Edinburgh. Their infectious songs and irreverent sketches will delight the most impure minds. 'A naughty match made in comedy heaven' **** (Time Out).