Katherine Ryan: Glam Role Model

Katherine Ryan nonchalantly walks on to the stage and proceeds to address us as friends. This casual start and her friendly demeanour is a precursor for what is is to come: a delightful hour of laidback comedy between (what very much feels like) peers.

A delightful hour of laid-back comedy.

Glam Role Model is an entertaining compilation of Ryan’s observations and anecdotes delivered with bucket loads of charisma and attitude. She also talks regularly about her five-year-old daughter who she treats as her equal consequently referring to her as her flatmate - this unusual relationship crops up throughout the show and is used to great comedic effect.

Being Canadian. but based in the UK, Ryan’s comedy largely encompasses an entertaining mix of pointing out both the charm and idiosyncrasies of both countries. From poking fun at the UK’s obsession with organizing everyone by class to sharing about the Canadians’ obsession with the royal family, Ryan’s material garners laughs easily due to it’s surprisingly relatable nature.

Ryan is an engaging storyteller with excellent comedic intuition and genuinely refreshing commentary. Her style of comedy is incredibly original with very few, if any, of the usual comedy clichés.

Glam Role Model is an incredibly enjoyable hour of stand up that will easily tickle your funny bone. Ryan’s limited festival run has already sold out but if any tickets became available, you should snap them up as she is definitely worth seeing and should be on every comedy goer’s to-see list.  

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

A dude who is fast becoming a recognisable face on British TV with appearances on BBC1's Live at the Apollo and Let's Dance for Comic Relief, BBC2's Mock the Week, QI and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, C4's 8 Out of 10 Cats and more, Katherine Ryan embarks on her second UK stand-up tour which begins with a limited run at the Fringe. The fresh, often dangerously fierce, pop-culture-obsessed Canadian, was unaffected by publicised death threats and survived the world's first crack smoking mayor. 'Warped wit ... striking presence ... killer lines ... calm confidence' (Scotsman).