Kate Smurthwaite: ForniKATEress
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Multi-award winning comedian and TV and radio regular Kate Smurthwaite has been polyamorous* for many years but she's never talked about it on stage before. Her new one-woman show, which received 4- and 5-star reviews when it opened at the Edinburgh Fringe, does just that. It's her most revealing and personal show to date. Kate says "On the one hand this is the easiest show I've ever written because it's completely true. I haven't had to make anything up. On the other hand it's so personal. Every night I find myself thinking 'am I really going to tell strangers THIS?!" * In an open relationship. Actually about ten open relationships. Or to put it more formally: a practitioner of ethical non-monogamy

"fun, energetic and full of ideas" - John Cleese
"One of the wittiest gun-slingers I've ever seen on stage" - The Spectator
"There are no airs or graces about Kate Smurthwaite&she is gloriously mobile as she stalks the stage, mind and mouth effortlessly working in a whirlwind of ideas and joke lines." - Morning Star