Kai Humphries: In Full Colour

In this hour-long set, Kai Humphries manages to deliver some fantastically hard-hitting comedy – truly the stuff of (as he’d probably call himself) a ‘legend’. If you haven’t seen Kai before, know that his sense of humor is at once smart and savage. While he is performing, it feels like nothing is ‘off the table’. This is definitely a good thing. The results are hilarious.

Humphries has put together a seriously worthwhile hour of comedy.

For example, during a section of his act in which he talks about relationships, he goes on a long rant about how he’s always wanted to have a threesome with his girlfriend and one of her friends. But that’s not the funniest part of it. You see, if a lesser comic was to make a joke about getting in a threesome with their girlfriend and another friend, they might just say something crude and simple, and then leave it at that. Kai doesn’t leave it at that. He goes one step further, and this is why his set is so brilliant. He’ll make the crude joke, and then defends it with a sensitive explanation, making the joke into something both funny and smart – and then he’ll bring the heat right back and make the joke wonderfully crude all over again. ‘Legend!’ he shouts as the audience erupts in laughter.

During this night’s set, Kai showed that he had more than hilarious material – he’s also a great performer. He showed great command over the stage, especially during the few moments in which he was heckled by audience members. While some comics can wind up losing all momentum after a particularly bad heckle, Kai managed to respond hilariously to hecklers, and then work their annoying comments into his set – to phenomenally funny results.

Overall, Humphries has put together a seriously worthwhile hour of comedy. In his set, he manages to combine a truly meaningful message with a fat load of side-splitting jokes. Most importantly, he manages to feel authentic. He’s a fantastic comic who is smart, funny, and crude all at once. His show is not to be missed. 

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The Blurb

This vibrant, happy show is a massage for your soul. Kai has a refreshingly unique and fascinating view of the world shaped by his exciting and colourful experiences, squeezing the most from life and bottling it into a show that will leave a big fat smile on your daft face long after leaving the venue. Kai delivers a show that will not only make you laugh until your head explodes, he also puts a spring in your step that makes you believe you can leap over buildings. PS. I wrote this. Kai Humphries. 10 stars.