Kafka and Son

Franz Kafka was born in Prague in 1883, after his death fourty years later his novels have become some of the most influential and extensive work of the 20th century. We join this production as Kafka sits, poised to begin a fifty page letter to his overbearing father Hermann. This shouldn’t bode well for an evening of entertaining theatre.However Alon Nashman’s performance is spell-binding. The audience are taken through a physical tornado of story telling that recalls some of Kafka’s most haunting, charming and moving memories. Even the obvious limitations of performing a one-man show are skilfully avoided, I genuinely didn’t wish for another actor to appear once. Nashman’s characters are funny, detailed and absolutely truthful.The whole production is flawless really; the set (Marysia Bucholc and Camellia Koo), the lights (Andrea Lundy) and the sound design (Darren Copeland) are worth the ticket price alone.Director Mark Cassidy has created something of real tangible beauty - it actually doesn’t matter if you know nothing of Kafka or his writing – simply sit back and enjoy. The attention to detail in the staging and stagecraft shown through Nashman is staggering.I can’t stop thinking about this show.

Reviews by Oscar Q. Berry

The Blurb

Award-winning, epic father/son encounter. 'Thrilling adaptation, brilliantly realized' (National Post); 'Extreme and precise virtuosity' ***** (Edmonton Journal); 'Haunting, visually arresting.' ***** (Winnipeg Free Press); 'Pure unadulterated surreal goodness' ***** (VueWeekly); 'Towers over the Fringe' (Montreal Gazette). kafkaandson.com