Justin Moorhouse: This is What I Am

Justin Moorhouse sets to throw himself at the forefront of the industry through what he does best: funny, and occasionally hard hitting, truths about everyday life. The old Phoenix Nights star (and soon-to-be Coronation Street cast member) tells us about life as a comedian, shares some bold family truths, and spends a surprising amount of show time personifying animals. This year, Moorhouse presents a promising preview show for classic comedy club lovers.

Justin Moorhouse delivers a show that guarantees a good night out.

Moorhouse’s greatest strength is maintaining an old school approach without seeming outdated. You will hear some typical – or even clichéd – subject matter, such as that girlfriends always think they’re right in a fight, or that married couples never have sex after they have had children. However, when he takes the time to share his rants and observational musings with the audience, Moorhouse gives his material added imagination, analysis and charm. He states that he isn’t a controversial or shock comedian and it shows: Moorhouse makes sure that even his rawest and punchiest material retains safe charisma that is enjoyable for all. That is except for a skit about his teenage years, during which no prisoners are taken.

For a show that claims to be putting the comedian ‘out there’, Moorhouse seems to hold back on his ability as a performer, and very little material on the subject is put forward. Moorhouse wants to bring his audience to hysterics by contemplating the ordinary (ordering the wrong pastry slice has never been so amusing), yet he includes other weaker jokes about surreal concepts that hold his performance back from the topics around which he really shines. And though there are moments of sincerity as well as comments on Moorhouse’s placement in the industry, they serve more as fillers between bigger skits than as necessary parts of the show’s flow. If Moorhouse further honed his powers of observation rather than going through the motions of a cat realising that it has been spayed, I feel that he would have been able to approach the optimum level that the show so very nearly reached.

Overall, Justin Moorhouse delivers a show that guarantees a good night out. It’s what he is, and those who get that will be very happy with the results. 

Reviews by Kathleen Price

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The Blurb

Justin returns to the Fringe and is back doing what he does best, no-frills big-hearted stand-up comedy. Expect buckets of laughs and dollops of fun from this genuine master of the craft. You'll have seen him on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and heard him on both his own show Everyone Quite Likes Justin and as a regular on The News Quiz both on Radio 4, and on BBC Radio 5 Live's Fighting Talk. www.justinmoorhouse.com