Justin Matson: Fatter Than You Think

Many stand-up comedians like to be super punchy in their comedy. It’s all about the laughs per minute and working the audience to hone their wit and establish their prowess as masters of comedy. Justin Matson has a different approach. His comedy is paced a little slower with an almost storytelling vibe that doesn’t bring as many big laughs, but keeps you smiling and chuckling throughout this very enjoyable hour of purposefully awkward self-deprecation and confessional with a few great one-liners.

His likeable persona makes it even funnier

Telling us tales of being shamed at the gym, working as an intern, and his on-going problems with rollercoasters, Matson is very easy to warm to and an hour in his company goes by pretty fast. His demeanour makes him easy to listen to and the confessional element of his comedy never feels maudlin or self-serving; he’s just telling us of his experiences and making it funny whilst doing so. Indeed, his likeable persona makes it even funnier when he occasionally lets the jokes go to a dark place before shutting himself down and getting back on track.

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The Blurb

Adorably awkward with a twist of gay, Justin Matson is Fatter Than You Think. Named "NYC's Funniest New Comedian" by Broadway Comedy Club, Matson makes his International fringe debut bringing Adelaide a brand new stand-up special about his journey and struggle with body image. It's real, raw, and gayer than a small side salad.Important information:Might discuss suicide, eating disorders & depression.