Just Like the Movies

Just Like the Movies is a cheery musical exploring the world of show business as the characters battle to make a statement in a world where success is often decided by major reality TV Shows.

A celebration of Highland Dancing and new talent

This is an exciting musical that follows Mary (Lucy Duffy) as she struggles to find her niche in the arts world by joining a Highland Dancing group seeking great success, while questioning whether her relationship with Andrew (Michael McLean) is going to go the distance.

What makes this musical stand out it is the combination of Highland Dancing (from Tartan Feet Company) and original writing that is a great introduction for the performers - fulfilling the mission statement of Kingdom Theatre Company to provide performance opportunities for students in the early stages of their training.

All actors are clearly filled with energy and fully embody their roles, although their delivery and movement is quite robotic at times. This may perhaps derive from one of the cast having broken her foot the night before the first performance forcing parts of the script to be hastily rewritten. The pace changes abruptly – potentially due to the rewriting – with some songs not correlating to the scene that happens before, which makes the show a little disjointed.

That being said, the actors are comfortable with the songs and perform them with feeling, with Lucy Duffy standing out with her powerful vocals as she shows off her range. The dancers are elegant and execute the arm and leg extensions well but the timing of the moves is sometimes off, breaking the unity of the dances.

Kingdom Theatre Company’s new musical is hitting the Fringe with excitement and a collection of sweeping ballads and upbeat numbers. Whip out your dancing shoes and prepare for a celebration of Highland Dancing and new talent as they take to the stage at Greenside at Infirmary Street (Venue 236).

Reviews by Caitlin Powell

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The Blurb

Mary is a young dancer from Leith seeking new challenges. Television talent shows perhaps? Her boyfriend Andrew is not too keen, though, so maybe a rethink there too? He thinks their love is just like the movies but Mary is not too sure. Comedy, with Willie Logan’s new original songs performed live by the cast, and colourful Scottish dancing from the girls of the spectacular Tartan Feet company in this premiere musical production. Kingdom Theatre Company are a registered charity in Scotland promoting new writing and training in their fifth Fringe year.