Julian McCullough: Dream Girls

Dream Girls is a masterful collection of comedy mixed with surprisingly (even for McCullough) emotional moments that had the audience in awe. Julian McCullough tells stories of his embarrassing childhood sweethearts as he goes through the popular stages of Disney Romances: Rebellion and Depression, Falling for the Vulnerable because you “can change them”, and then meeting the Love of Your Life. With moments that make you cringe in empathy as you contemplate this man’s choices in love, this is a must-see-show.

With moments that make you cringe in empathy as you contemplate this man’s choices in love, this is a must-see-show.

McCullough has wonderful comedic timing, and an intense likeability about him as he engages personally with the audience members, delivering the show as if it were for the first time you were talking about your embarrassing exes at a sleepover. I was acutely aware of the fact that the audience and myself were all reminiscing over past relationships and the embarrassing moves that we had once made.

This show will move you from laughing and mocking your teenage selves to sitting in silence with a massive smile on your face as you engage so intimately with the stories that stimulate thoughts of nostalgia, embarrassment, love, and being back in your early years. The great saying, “if only I knew then what I know now” concludes the very enjoyable experience of this show.

There are pictures, songs, and stories you thought could only exist in Hollywood Films, but Dream Girls brings them to the Fringe stage. What more could you ask for in only an hour?

Reviews by Jessica Innes


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The Blurb

Julian is a nationally touring American comedian who was most recently seen as Whitney Cummings' co-star on E!'s Love You Mean It. In 2011 he won the New York's Funniest competition and filmed his half hour Comedy Central Presents stand-up special. Julian has performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan and This American Life and regularly appears on Chelsea Lately (America's Masterpiece Theatre). Dream Girls combines stand up with an embarrassing amount of truth to identify the theme of all his catastrophic relationships. Julian is a dreamer and, unfortunately, love only exists in reality. Whoops!