Josh Widdicombe's XFM Show Live!

High energy, witty and often silly, Josh's weekly XFM radio programme hits the stage, bringing the humor and voices that you usually hear through speakers into the room. It puts forward the same concepts and contributors as the radio show - as well as some added guests - and the result is a high quality Fringe comedy show. It's easy to follow and just as amusing if you've never heard the radio programme before.

Some of the hand-picked conversations with audience members were comedy gold and often absolutely ridiculous.

The panel of six includes Josh Widdicombe, James Acaster, Nish Kumar, Matthew Crosby, guest Tom Craine and producer of the show, Neil. They were also later joined by poet Tim Key. The show is mainly constructed around funny anecdotes that the listeners (and in this case, the audience) and panelists provide and it often strays through an unpredictable train of topics. We were asked at the performance that I attended to provide amusing and peculiar anecdotes about times we had been dumped or that we had dumped someone, as well as whether we had ever heard something weird over a tannoy or public announcement system. Some of the hand-picked responses and resultant conversations with audience members were comedy gold and often absolutely ridiculous. The show was otherwise filled with daft anecdotes from the panelists, such as James Acaster's car crash experiences, Tim Key's interesting funfair date in Ukraine, and the ranking of Friends characters in descending order.

Additionally the show's regulars engaged in their usual radio show segments and chit chat such as Nish Kumar's conspiracy theories, James Acaster's hilarious true life tales, and his head to head 'Saved By the Bell' themed quiz with an audience volunteer.

Because this show is so interactive and conversational, the content is unlikely to go down the same route every time. Therefore weaker points in the show (which are inevitable considering it is so on-the-spot) such as Tim Key’s overly protracted attempt at shooting a candle with a nerf gun, are unlikely to recur. Josh himself said that this show is possibly the most fun that he has ever had in Edinburgh, and I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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The Blurb

Josh Widdicombe and producer Neil bring their award-winning XFM Podcast (iTunes Best New Audio Podcast 2013) to a live audience for the first (and quite possibly last) time. Expect all the usual 90s references and appearances from show favourites including James 'Scrapemaster' Acaster, Nish 'Good morning, or is it?' Kumar, Joe 'Good morning listeners' Lycett, Matthew 'Rags to Ritchie' Crosby, etc,. Four nights only!