Josh Wade: The Woke Bloke
  • Adelaide Fringe

In a world infected by war, greed & addiction its no surprise the 21st Century plague is mental health. Were anxious for the future, depressed over the past, attempting to answer: Who Am I? One bloke put down the ciggies, tossed the beer and is ready to challenge! Fact, fiction, conspiracy" the self-proclaimed Woke Bloke connects the dots.9/11, the Church, Military Industrial Complex, Satanic Cults and New World Order- are these theories or do they hold some truth?Josh proves & disproves with audio-visuals the subjects nobody wants to touch (except maybe a priest). Youll leave #WokeAF"Renowned for sending his audience into a f*cking frenzy, Wade has mastered tongue-in-cheek, razor-sharp wit" ThisIsRadelaide"sharp-witted, ultra-talented- the new age of standup" Jamie Azzopardi