Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn (eponymous hosts of the podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go!) aptly bring their feel-good show to the Pleasance Courtyard. These nice guys guided their audience through an enjoyable hour, which offered an interesting insight into the visual dimension of an auditory podcast.

Amidst the comfortable conversation and amicable anecdotes, Morris and Thorn sprinkled a generous helping of fun games and challenges. Thorn’s experimentation with ‘male angel’ (a questionably named sex-enhancing pill) made for amusing entertainment, but Morris definitely came out on top as the funnier character. Thorn may have been cracking gags more frequently, but Morris’ quips were far more intelligent and witty. However, unfortunately the jokes were never quite as well received by audience members as they were by those delivering them on stage.

Morris and Thorn’s preparation for the show was apparent in the structured introduction of different guests. First to take his place beside a microphone was Canadian comedian Graham Clark, who in all honesty the show would have been better off without. Only more irritating than his weak jokes was his incessant, interrupting laughter at completely unnecessary moments (although, credit where credit’s due, one of the funniest points of the show was Clark’s reading of his erotica piece entitled ‘Fifty Shades of Graham’). However, without a doubt, the far superior guest was Matt Ricardo, a showman who performed wonderfully impressive tricks on stage - although you had to question how successfully these would hold up on the podcast! Audience-member James, all the way from the Czech Republic, completed the trio of guests. Morris and Thorn’s friendly welcome was a testament to the warm atmosphere that they established and maintained right from the word ‘Go’! This likable duo offer a show that may not be particularly daring or dynamic, but its inoffensive humour will guarantee unanimous and cheerful smiles.


The Blurb

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a freewheeling comedic discussion between Jesse Thorn (host of NPR's Bullseye), Jordan Morris and their comedian guests. They discuss feelings, sex and culture with a unique mix of intelligence, silliness and vulgarity.