Jonny & the Baptists: Eat the Poor

Johnny and Paddy return with another hour of rip roaring music based satire. This time they’ve come from the future to show us the errors of our ways. Songs and gags are a plenty in this apocryphal tale.

You’ll leave with a grin on your face and a song in your heart.

Inequality is on the rise and they chart its start from the Thatcher era until now. After their 2016 fringe show is a earth shattering success, Johnny is enticed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and becomes a rich melody maker but Paddy falls on hard times. Can the duo repair the friendship?

In many ways the show is a rallying call that we can live in a better world. It avoids being sanctimonious with a heavy dose of silly underpinning proceedings. For example they way they portray Webber is pretty daft and sides steps being quite scathing (even though you might think that severely deserves it). The running joke on his name just gets funnier the more it happens. Like last year the show has a great energy especially the songs. The tunes are real toe tappers and a couple are sure to get stuck in your head.

Often with satire of this type the simplicity of the ideas proposed can seem trite within the political climate. The duo seem utterly earnest in what they say that you’re happy to go along with it. It’s the simple things that can add up.

I doubt that this show is going to radically change anyone’s political views. However for the lefties of the world it’s cathartic and you’ll leave with a grin on your face and a song in your heart.

Reviews by James W. Woe

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The Blurb

In 2009, David Cameron forgot how many houses he owned. Within five years, homelessness doubled. Setting out to explore the gap between rich and poor, Jonny & the Baptists’ lives turn upside down when Jonny betrays Paddy for financial gain. As Jonny enjoys a wealth of parties with Andrew Lloyd Webber and marries Jerry Hall, Paddy falls into homelessness. A riotous new musical comedy epic about friendship, inequality and betrayal. Stars of BBC Radio 4's Now Show. 'Wickedly amusing' **** (Times). 'Spirited comedy... broad, daft and punchy' **** (Guardian). 'Superbly crafted' **** (Metro).