Jollie: Roger!

Jollie is the multitalented duo John Biddle and Ollie Birch, and they are at pains to emphasise that they are a huge deal on the story and song circuit. (This insistence is tongue-in-cheek, but doesn’t seem implausible given their impressive musical and theatrical versatility.) But despite this apparently over-inflated sense of their talent, they have been relegated to performing on cruise ships, and in this show they tell us about their experiences on board, expressing their outrage and incredulity about the philistinism they encountered. Blending songs, stories, and stand-up comedy, they entertain the audience with their anecdotes and sardonic observations, accompanying themselves on an impressive range of instruments. The pair work well as a double-act, and there is an entertaining dynamic between the bitter and derisive Ollie, and the charming and affable John, with the tension between them culminating in brilliantly awkward climax. This show is distinctive in conception and execution, and while a bit uneven, there are enough musical and comedic gems to make up for the bits that drag slightly or work less well; an acting master-class on the difference between stage and screen, and the incompetent investigation of a murder on board are particularly entertaining. This is a witty and inventive hour, showcasing an impressive range of talents from a talented and imaginative double-act.

The Blurb

Jollie, 'Brilliant musical sketch show' **** (, return to show you the wondrous mixture of story, song and sketch they wasted on some stinking geriatrics onboard a miserable cruise ship. 'Fabulously animated and creative hour' **** (Time Out).