Joke Thieves

Who can get the most laughs? Who can take someone’s material and make it funnier? Joke Thieves separates the men from the boys and really puts the comedians through their paces! This unique concept whereby comedians perform their own stand-up and then attempt to outdo each other by stealing each other’s material makes for a hilarious show. This battle of wits is a true test of a comedian’s ability to come up with jokes on the spot and bag the gag.

Joined by Matt Green, Richard Todd, Milo McCabe and Jenny Collier the standard of comedy was extremely high. Matt Green presented a brilliantly well timed set, who had the audience in stitches with his fast-paced delivery and intelligent insights into everyday life. Richard Todd, with his awkward, excitable and ever-so-slightly weird humour was absolutely hilarious. His mind works in ways that I cannot imagine and his wacky style meant that you can’t take your eyes off him. Milo McCabe presents a ridiculously posh character from ‘Surrey, darling’. His over the top style and gags about the terrors of ‘Chavs, or Neds if you will’ is highly entertaining. Jenny Collier talks about the difficulties of finding love. Her quick wit, cheeky jokes and dark humour means that her material is refreshingly original.

Next, in the second half, the comedians were paired up and challenged swap material. Out of context, the comedians’ material took on new levels of hilarity. This section was filled with witty retorts as the comedians battled to out-do each other. Jenny Collier proved to be excellent at transforming Matt Green’s comedy and making it her own.

This is a show where comedians tend to sink or swim. Even if they nail their own material, there is still potential for them to fall flat on their faces when performing someone else’s jokes. This is a chance to spot the real talent as the comedians face the crowd unpractised and underprepared; only their natural comedic ability will save them!

This action-packed and chaotic show will have you roaring with laughter. An innovative concept, this free show is definitely worth a look!

Reviews by Emily Edwards



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Comedy set swapping live. A show where top comedians perform sets before you decide who steals material from who. Car crash or masterclass? Every night, a fresh line-up of the Fringe's best comedians hosted by Will Mars.