Jojo Sutherland - In Conversation

Jojo Sutherland has led a most extraordinary life and this set allows her to tell the story of how she has come to be standing on the stage in front of you. It is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere that Jojo creates (for it would be too impersonal to refer to her by her surname) and is far less a standup set, more an encapsulating back story that unfolds with brutal honesty.

An endearing tale that will mesmerise and unnerve in equal measures.

The title is perfect, it feels far more akin to a conversation than any performance. She asks the audience a few brief questions and displays her utter comfort in conversing in a naturally funny way. But the best part comes when she launches into her own personal story. She reveals all, every shocking stage of her life, ranging from bankruptcy to the most unlikely of marriages.

Though the content certainly has the power to surprise, upset and unsettle, it is the way in which Jojo shares these truths that is truly endearing. She has such a carefree manner and her experiences have clearly transformed the way she goes about life now. She acknowledges that aspects of her life would shock most people, but they seem entirely normal to her. This is part of the reason that she can make light of it all, that she can create jokes and laugh about matters that usually not be considered for comedic purposes.

Jojo Sutherland In Conversation is certainly no sob story, but it is not purely standup comedy either. If you are looking for a standup with the highest density of laughs, this is not it. But it is something that presents a far greater story in a relaxed and, often, humourous way. An endearing tale that will mesmerise and unnerve in equal measures, but will certainly leave you considering far greater issues than comedy.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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The Blurb

This charismatic comic performs in major comedy clubs across the UK and internationally where she is in as much demand for her compere abilities as she is for her comedy routine. Her natural stage presence alongside her healthy neglect attitude to children and life in general proves extremely popular amongst many and varied audiences including the armed forces where she remains as one of the few women to go to military bases to entertain the troops. She is regularly requested to support other comics on tour recently doing so for Tom Stade.