John Robertson: A Nifty History of Evil

In addition to coming back to the fringe with last year’s critically acclaimed The Dark Room, John Robertson is also performing a more traditional stand up show, A Nifty History of Evil. Anyone who’s seen Robertson before will know what to expect at this new offering, his booming dramatic voice, his expressive gestures, his surreal style and his wry clown smile are all elements that you will recognize from The Dark Room, but there’s more to Robertson’s stand up than that.

From ‘God’s selfie’ to Filipino vampires, Robertson darts from one oddity to the next with obvious glee.

In this more relaxed, traditional setting, Robertson still manages to transport the audience into another weirder and stranger place. He gives us a selected history of evil in human history, from the alternative Adam and Eve to the debauched tales of the Marquis de Sade. Like a mad foray into his surreal mind, this show appeals very much to a certain kind of audience. His manic delivery and intense, sometimes frenzied presence might be a bit much for some, but for those who like mad, bizarre and eccentric comedy, then Robertson’s something of an expert.

His interaction with the audience was priceless, and his use of integrating lighting cues into his routine was oddly clever. The topic he’s chosen to discuss suits him perfectly, his energetic delivery and sinister glares adding to the theatrical atmosphere of the show. From ‘God’s selfie’ to Filipino vampires, Robertson darts from one oddity to the next with obvious glee. This is not a normal stand up show, but for lovers of wordplay and puns it is fruitful and intelligently integrated. Robertson is simply so alive with energy that you cannot help but watch him.

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John Robertson: A Nifty History of Evil




The Blurb

It’s 3:30pm and the devil wants a chat about 2,000 years of humans, sinister elephants, Polynesian zombies and Mickey Mouse. Award-winning lunatic and word manipulator John Robertson, ‘a manic and quick-witted revelation’ (Scotsman), brings you the world, then kicks it. Get ready for the best bits of world history in one loud hour from one loud man. ***** (Skinny).**** (List). ***** (