John-Luke Roberts: Stnad-Up

John-Luke Roberts delivered his usual off-the-wall comic offerings in this enjoyable hour at the Voodoo Rooms. His recent long term relationship has just come to an end, but Roberts insists that it’s ‘not a breakup show’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst his onstage persona tries to avoid the subject of his current loneliness, his subconscious always brings his material back to his own insecurities, with hilarious results.

All makes for wonderful, ludicrous viewing.

What follows is an entertaining variety of sketches, characters and plain silliness that always left the audience unsure of what to expect next. Roberts has the ability to conjure images of sublime absurdity, whilst delivering sharp, well-timed gags. Upon the breakup, he speaks of his co-comedian ex-girlfriend, saying that when it came to splitting their material, he was left with the setups and she got to keep all the punchlines. A performance of Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know involving a pair of dentures is better left to be seen to believed, but it had the whole room in stitches nonetheless. The highlight, however, involves renditions of Jonny Cash’s Hurt and a basket of rather unappetizing fruit. Sound confusing? All makes for wonderful, ludicrous viewing.

Towards the end, the show tails off as our host spews out insults towards the audience with a set of stock phrases that lasts slightly too long, although he redeems himself with an absolutely bonkers spectacle for a finale.

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The Blurb

A vigorous brand-new almost-hour of almost-stand-up delivered by a thoughtful idiot who has nicknamed himself J-LbreakR in the face of good advice. Co-founder of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, writer for The News Quiz. As heard on BBC Radio 4’s Dilemma and Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully. ‘A comic who's prepared to push both himself and his audience in the pursuit of new laughs, of unorthodox, never-been-tried-before routes to the funny’ (Guardian). ‘John-Luke Roberts. Funny as fuck and clever? Sure. But he is also a dick. I’d bottle him all up.’ (Tony Law).