John-Luke Roberts and Nadia Kamil: The Behemoth

Racist belly buttons. Stool rodeos. The resurrected spirit of a deceased theatre critic. The Behemoth can certainly boast that their comedy goes places that others don't, although this might not be bravery so much as uniquely peculiar imagination. Their show is full to the brim of quirky and unpredictable ideas and characters, and they certainly never resort to cliche in their sketches. But despite the fresh and joyously absurd nature of their comedy, the show just doesn't really work.Despite having performed together for years, the double-act have an awkward dynamic, giggling at and interrupting one another in a way that distracts from the pace and structure of sketches. Similarly, the show itself doesn't flow in any cohesive sense, jumping from one half-baked idea to another in a slightly jerky way that their audience patter fails to sufficiently smooth over. In some sketches flimsy ideas are strung out for far too long in a way that tests the audience's patience, in others a clever concept is tossed away when it could have benefited from more development. There are still plenty of funny moments in the show, but not enough to redeem it from the overall sense of confusion.John-Luke Roberts was impressive in last year's solo show, '...Distracts You From a Murder,' but while he's retained the Kate Bush costume, he seems to have lost some of his wit and verve. In the show's introduction Kamil and Roberts promised unbridled silliness, but they need to harness their creativity and clear comic potential to greater effect for a more satisfying show.

The Blurb

Massive sketch comedy, two normal sized people. John-Luke Roberts (E4, BBC3, R4's News Quiz) and Nadia Kamil (R4, Channel 4, BBC3). **** (List), **** (Time Out), **** (Herald), **** (Metro).