John Hastings: Audacity

John Hastings is back at the Fringe and this time he’s in love - for real. With stories of life and falling for the woman of his dream, his sparkling blend of observational comedy and enema jokes is a pleasure to behold.

A sure-fire add to the roster of best comedians to check out at the Fringe.

Hastings could probably read out the phone book and be entertaining. There is something about his gentle voice and lilting accent that draw you in, encouraging you to lean forward in your seat better to enjoy his just-a-little-bit-naughty comedy offerings. Naturally charismatic, he’s a wonderful raconteur. This year’s show even more so, as unlike some of his previous stand-up this one is more of a mish-mash of stories that come to form a loose narrative instead of the usual long-form story.

Not gone though is his clever manipulation to create links here and there, pull us back to previous themes and keep us on our toes. It’s brilliantly clever stuff. As this is a story of love the show was only improved by the appearance of his girlfriend in the audience, and their occasional back and forths only go to prove Hastings is as good at his pre-written stuff as his unplanned chat.

Hastings is a good guy. He’s a vegan, a feminist and socially conscious. He pulls back any risk of coming across a little too perfect with tales of pooping, enemas and light scampery with his mates. He’s happy to be a little self-effacing at times which only adds to his charm. His gags on Justin Trudeau drew an especially rousing response, especially when he circled back in the final moments of the gig.

If you’ve enjoyed Hastings before Audacity won’t disappoint; the change up in the style keeping everything fresh while still on brand. If you haven’t checked out Hastings before do so now; he’s a sure-fire add to the roster of best comedians to check out at the Fringe. 

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John Hastings: Audacity

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The Blurb

BBC Three's John Hastings, the funniest white comedian from Canada, was briefly vegan and is currently in love. An Amused Moose Comedy Award-nominated comedian, he's here to confront his fear of confrontation and prove that love starts in the toilet (not that kind, you yucky idiots). This 'fast growing comic is a pleasure to watch' (Times). **** (Herald). **** (Fest). **** (ThreeWeeks). **** ( ***** (Melbourne Herald Sun). **** ( **** (Now Magazine). **** (ThreeWeeks). 'His act is packed with observations and wit that will stay with you in a good way' ***** (Mirror).