John Hastings - Adventure

Canadian standup John Hastings peddles an incredibly original show that could easily be a contender for Fringe Festival Awards. Winner of the 2012 COCA Comedian of the Year Award, and the 2010 Homegrown Comedy Competition, John Hastings arrives to the fringe with talent, style and a homemade pharaoh crown on his head.

Hastings expertly covers a variety of subjects; including sex, Britain and of course hockey whilst juggling conversations with the audience.

Hastings jumps straight into his non-stop routine that flies across the comical antics of his life and experiences, including his misadventures with a waltzing homeless man, an overly sensitive LOTR fan taking on an overly sensitive feminist, and the tragic combination being high on magic mushrooms in a room full of hipsters. Beyond this, Hastings takes to broader topics, and pokes fun at the British/American lexicon difference and the British night out without resorting to tired clichés or tedious puns.

Quick to cover up any mistake with a joke on his feet and capable of demolishing any hecklers, Hastings is as fluid as he is dynamic in his routine, taking no prisoners when it comes to the audience: if you are in the front two rows prepare to be targeted. But no matter what he throws at you, even if he insults you, Hastings will still leave you laughing from start to finish.

Hastings varies his jokes greatly by topic, though at times his loudness almost feels like a rouse to hide the minor shortcomings of the punchline. The comedy, however, is hilarious and authentic, and reflects just how well the Canadian comedian has adapted to the UK’s sense of humour with jokes aimed specifically at the Scots. But perhaps the most endearing aspect of Hastings’ show is the broad appeal he offers to an audience of very different people who will still be entertained no matter what. Genuine, creative, and above all funny, John Hastings - Adventure promises for a fun-filled evening of non-stop laughs that will keep you chuckling the whole night.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

Chasing excitement, John came to the UK from his native Canada in July 2012 to become a famous comedian. After minimal sex, death and theft, he got enlightenment instead... 'A thoughtful and observant comic with enjoyably wry sensibilities' ( ***** (Cream of the Fringe).