John and Claire Lenahan: Loud & Louder (Edinburgh Preview)
  • West End

Prepare for loud and get ready for louder with some shouty thrown in for good measure. Volume, comedy and an incredible talent for magic are the three main things that run in the Lenahan family. You will be amazed as this fantastical, relatable (did we mention loud?) duo thrill your senses with a seamless, seam-bursting blend of Comedy, Magic, Escapology, Mind Reading, Cannibalism and Lion Taming (pending permission from London Zoo). You may not like being Lena-handled but you will be able to hear it!

From Time-Out Street magician of the year in the 80's, John became a headliner on the London Comedy Circuit and compared more shows at the Leister Square Comedy store than any other act. Of his four network TV shows his true claim to fame is the voice of the Talking Toaster in Red Dwarf.

"If there is a better sleight-of-hand merchant than this politely sardonic Philadelphian, I've yet to encounter them." - London Evening Standard
"The mascot of a magical renaissance." - The Guardian

NATY's finalist 2017, Claire aspires to one day play the talking drink dispenser in a period drama.

"She's certainly got talents - and is an engaging watch" - Chortle
"Claire Lenahan is shouty" - BeyondTheJoke