Joe Lycett - If Joe Lycett Then You Should've Put a Ring On It

2012 Foster’s Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee Joe Lycett is back in Edinburgh with his latest stand-up show If You Lycett Then You Should’ve Put A Ring On It. If you find the title amusing then you’ll love this show, as Lycett wittingly proves just how many puns can be squeezed out of his surname. Lycett is insanely funny. His knack for storytelling, quick wit and teenage prankster nature make him an instant hit with any comedy lover.

In this show, Lycett discusses his own bisexuality, confirming that he is about 70% gay. It is perhaps because sexuality remains a taboo subject that when Lycett asked if anyone in the room was gay, only two people bellowed a resounding ‘yes’. Lycett made light of sexuality by hosting his very own game show ‘Gay or Straight?’. Being such a personable charming character enables Lycett to joke about almost any issue. He had the audience in the palm of his hand and one could almost see a Mexican wave go round the room as everyone leant forward to laugh at each punchline. There were only a couple of jokes that bombed as Lycett pushed the line a little too far, but being a great comedian is all about taking risks. That said, his impromptu gag about Manchester Met University simply came across as snobbish.

Lycett is a storytelling comedian, able to captivate the audience with his hilarious tales, of which he has many. Lycett seems to be not just the joker on stage but also amongst his friends- he is a prankster, revealing that he has many aliases that he uses just to piss people off. Lycett is also great at observational comedy as he jokes about the universally detested parking attendants and diet foods.

Joe Lycett has only become more widely recognised since his Fosters Award nomination last year so you should pop along and see just how much you Lycett!


The Blurb

2012 Fosters Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee. ‘His confidence and comic timing would be the envy of the most experienced turn’ (List).