Joe Jacobs: Ripe

In Ripe, Jacobs takes us through the stages of a banana corresponding to the stages of life; through stand-up and rap. Touching on drugs, dogs, success, decline and mental health, he shares with us the struggles he's facing at the moment. He's a natural performer and expertly deals with the (undeservedly) small crowd. One on one interaction and involvement is the name of the game and exactly the way to engage with a small room. 

I never thought I'd want to hear a rap from the the point of view of a dog, but turns out I do.

He also raps, and raps very well. He takes us on a musical journey through a variety of different genres, the lyrics and rhymes intelligent and leading to some excellent punchlines. I never thought I'd want to hear a rap from the the point of view of a dog, but turns out I do. 

But it’s not just the rapping; Jacobs is funny, engaging and he can spin a yarn. His comedic timing is on beat and there are many moments of comedy gold. Despite the small crowd, the individual interaction really works and I would hope it stays like this, regardless of how big or small the crowd gets.

Jacobs operates the technical elements himself, and he does a great job; however a venue technician would take a great show up to an outstanding one, smoothing out some issues with sound and space.

Ripe is definitely worth a trek over to Holyrood. Jacobs is a talented performer with the gift of the gab, and he seems a genuinely nice guy. Plus any show where I’m offered a chocolate finger is all right by me. 

Reviews by Emily Jane Kerr

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The Blurb

Religion. Rap. Pogs. Sexism. Gaviscon. Mental illness. Success. Decline. Commitment and coffee coasters. Join Joe as he tries to make sense of all this and more prior to his best before date. As seen and heard on Channel 4, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 1Xtra. ‘Dynamic stage presence and an ironic, arch delivery’ ( ‘Jew’ (Jewish Chronicle). ‘Jacobs is young, attractive’ ( 'Always funny and entertaining' (Bruce Dessau).