Jimmy McGhie: Apologia

Jimmy McGhie is a sensational comic. His set is packed with fantastic material. He talks about Britain’s decision to leave the EU. He talks about his parents’ decision to leave each other. He chats about his posh private school accent, and about how all the people who he went to private school with, as well as his entire generation (Gen Y) have totally mucked up the world. He is phenomenal fun to listen to. He is certainly one of the better stand up comics at this year’s Fringe.

Certainly one of the better stand up comics at this year’s Fringe

He jokes about how he “won’t talk too much about politics,” before laying in on Brexit and the global financial crisis of 2007, and he has a good deal to say about both of those things, but his show isn’t just about politics. He’s got a lot of other great things to say. This particular night, however, a few members of the audience who happened to be ‘enjoying Fringe’ a bit more than your average lot really got in McGhie’s face a number of times. However, their heckling didn’t deter him too much. He managed to rebound nicely, and ended up drawing some of the funniest moments of his set from their heckles. I must say, not every comic can pull off such a feat, and it was pleasant to see that Jimmy is not only a strong comic but also a versatile performer. Afterwards, I only found myself wishing that I’d gotten the chance to hear more of his material, and less of what the people in the front row had to say.

Probably the only honestly negative thing you could say about McGhie is that a lot of his comedy feels very London-centric. Of course, McGhie is from London, and it seemed like some of the people who were enjoying his set the most were also from London. This is not the end of the world, surely; there are definitely more than a few people currently in Edinburgh for the Fringe who are from London, and Jimmy is definitely not the only comic here from London, either. But the focus of his material might be off-putting if that’s not what you’re trying to see. Alternatively, if a London comic is what you’re looking for, then Jimmy McGhie is your guy, and you will not be disappointed.

Overall, Jimmy McGhie’s standup set Apologia is a hilarious hour of material, and definitely worth checking out this Fringe. He’s smart. He’s unexpected. He’s a brilliant comedian. 

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This is Jimmy's sixth solo hour, so according to best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, that means he's only 9,994 hours away from being brilliant. Not that it's Jimmy's fault it's taking so long. 'Exquisitely done, with a compelling, simmering fury... impressive' **** (Chortle.co.uk). 'Funny, candid, confident' (Time Out). 'Hilarious anecdotes... this is the quintessential comedy show from somebody who knows their craft inside out' ***** (ThreeWeeks). 'Extraordinarily good... Clever, personal, hilarious... It was wonderful... There are few comics I can think of who have the sheer star quality of McGhie... You really should see it' **** (Scotsman).