Jim Holland: Shoegazing

Jim Holland is an introvert who likes hats and two-toned shoes. He also likes metal music but doesn’t like the lighthouse family. He had a girlfriend but she left him but its ok because he’s got a new one now and she bought him a pair of tap shoes and even paid for some lessons for him. He’s not very good yet but he likes doing it. You’ll get to hear all about these things and much more for a whole forty five minutes in Jim Holland: Shoegazing.

The writing is pretty much there but Holland’s performance is not at all engaging.

Watching Jim Holland is like getting asked out for lunch by a friend who instead of having you there to enjoy your company has really just got you there so they can whine about their problems, bore you with the most mundane of interests and then get you to pay for it all. They should probably consider seeing a psychiatrist, but instead they use you. That’s Jim Holland’s ‘stand-up’ that’ll cost you as much as £7.50 and eat away an hour of your life. Maybe if you’re a struggling introvert yourself this would be good for you to go to. A little morale boost of look he’s introverted. I’m kind of introverted too and he’s on a stage. Maybe I can be an introvert on stage too. Sadly, none of Jim Holland’s jokes work. A few come close in that the writing is pretty much there but Holland’s performance is not at all engaging.

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The Blurb

It’s shoetime! Polite comedy maverick Jim Holland brings intelligent wit, conversational delivery and two-tone shoes to his debut show of dapper introversion. 'Jim is a fantastic comic who has a wonderfully distinctive comic voice. Everyone should go and check him out' (Romesh Ranganathan). ‘I cried with laughter’ (Seann Walsh). ‘Delectably quirky and inventive’ (FringeReview.co.uk). ‘Excellent shoes’ (NewCurrent.co.uk).