Jim Campbell: Stupid Animals

Campbell’s witty set consists of taking a closer look at the stupidity of the human race and how it compares to the animal kingdom. Now, this could have easily just been the basis of a tirade from an angry man but thankfully Campbell’s hour is a delightful, intellectual charmer of a stand-up routine and the comedian is always happy to poke fun at himself primarily. Whilst Campbell is hardly the type of comedian to have audience members rolling in the aisles, he has a knack for spinning a yarn that produces a grin from ear to ear. Some of the highlights of the set include his insights on Flipper the dolphin, racism, dyspraxia and Jurassic Park. Campbell also hints at a nastier side than the image he conveys when he creates a game using an audience member’s mobile phone. The set has a winning through line which takes in all these elements and is all wrapped up nicely with a neat conclusion.

It’s a comfortable, entertaining hour and Campbell is an agreeable gung ho comedian. If it all feels a little safe at times, even some of the jokes seem familiar, Campbell’s cheerfully likeable persona moves things along swiftly to another richly humourous insight and the set is one that should appeal to a wide audience. Not a show that takes too many risks or that will cause any major controversies, even despite the occasional risqué subject matter, but it is a finely-detailed satire on the human race and one worth checking out to find out just how stupid we actually are.

Reviews by Stewart McLaren

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The Blurb

Humans are the most intelligent species on the planet, yet do stupid things. Jim follows his sell-out debut Fringe with a show proving stupidity is an inherently human trait. ‘A future star’ (Chortle.co.uk). ‘Superb’ **** (List).