Jessica Ransom: Unsung Heroes

Jessica Ransom hits the Fringe with an excellent idea that could be amazing but isn’t quite there yet. Unsung Heroes is a show all about the unappreciated people in everyday life who, despite being pretty unexciting, are heroes in their own right.The show is a compilation of sketches in which Ransom takes on the characters of these unsung heroes. For example, we see her assume the identity of everything from a lollipop lady to quiz show contestants. The logic behind the jokes is there and the delivery is energetic and exciting but the product just doesn’t seem to capture the audience entirely. Ransom’s fast-paced responses to the occasional audience comment are exceedingly funny, perhaps doing stand up would suit her comedic style.Having watched Ransom on Hugh Dennis’ improv show, Fast and Loose, I was looking forward to seeing her immensely. Unfortunately, she did not live up to my high expectations and I often found the transitional slides shown in between sketches to be far funnier than Ransom herself. Easygoing humour, funny costumes and a sticker as you leave the theatre – Jessica Ransom is not quite a hero yet but is certainly on the right track.

The Blurb

Another dazzling multi-character show following 2010's total sell out. TV includes Armstrong & Miller (BBC1), Fast and Loose (BBC2). ‘It surely won’t be long before she has a television show of her own’ (Three Weeks).